Time to Buy Disney?

It might be time to buy Disney. There are a few basic principles that I operate by when it comes to investing, and there’s actually nothing complicated about it. In fact, it’s all common sense. It’s just a matter of whether you (as an investor) are able to control your emotions, your greed and fear. Some … Read more

BWLD… How’d you get in my investment portfolio?

  Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD)… welcome to the Dividend Project investment portfolio! After I sold my Starbucks call options for a 204% profit, I mentioned that I would buy some Starbucks out-of-the-money call options and invest the remaining cash into my dividend fund. Plans kind of changed… I did buy some Starbucks call options with a … Read more

Starbucks Call Options Sold For 204% Profit

A personal milestone… 204% profit on SBUX call options Starbucks is a company I have always believed in, that I still believe in. The stock has performed exceptionally well since I purchased my call options. Starbucks seems unstoppable in achieving its strategic growth plan. There was a day when I struggled to make money investing. There was … Read more

Why I Bought Under Armour Call Options

May 8, 2015… Under Armour became part of my investment portfolio! I am constantly monitoring a few stocks on my wish list for an entry point when the market presents an opportunity. April and May saw a few companies on my wish list report financial results. I was debating buying before earnings (making a speculative play) but instead … Read more

Two Great Oil Investments… Right Now!

If you’re like me and looking for great oil investments while prices of oil are at multi-year lows, then consider buying these 2 offshore drilling companies: Seadrill Partners Limited Transocean Partners Limited Seadrill Partners Limited Seadrill Partners Limited (ticker symbol: SDLP) is a company formed by Seadrill Limited (ticker symbol: SDRL) to own, operate, and … Read more

Seadrill (SDRL) Investment Thesis

I first heard about Seadrill (SDRL) a few years back but never pulled the trigger to buy into this stock. As oil prices shot past $100 I thought that I had definitely missed the boat. For investors not familiar with this company it was a dividend dynasty paying out a very attractive dividend yield. A … Read more