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Hi, my name is Marc Detesan, an independent investor living in Toronto, Canada. I am the owner and creator of Dividend Project, a website blog with a vision of helping everyone invest better, smarter, and grow their wealth.

Marc Detesan
Marc Detesan

I am an investor striving to achieve financial independence and freedom. I want to secure my retirement early. If I am fortunate enough, I want investing to eventually be my only source of income.

I will keep every investment discussion simple and straightforward with clear explanations so that anyone can follow along.

I began developing an interest in the stock market around mid-2009. I watched the markets crash from their all-time highs but at the time I did not have strong enough investment knowledge to participate in the stock market. I did not even have an investment account at the time but I continued to watch the markets closely.

Once I got started, I was afraid to hold stocks long-term, and was still learning how to cope with the emotional toll that comes with investing and trading. I tried to invest, but instead I ended up day-trading lots of stocks that don’t exist any more. I remained invested in companies that had their market cap shrink faster than I could blink. I bought far out-of-the-money options looking for huge returns.

I began to realize that style of investing is not for me… It has not worked for me in the past and I don’t see how that can change in the future. It is safe for me to say that I have learned my fair share of lessons.

“Everyone agrees the long-term is what counts, until the short-term starts happening.”

When it comes to investing, time is a tremendously valuable asset. After struggling to find my rhythm and comfort zone, I decided I had to smarten up with my investment strategy.

That’s when I turned to dividend investing… one of the most passive methods of investing especially when combined with my preferred method of investing in dividends through dividend ETF’s. Dividends also provide me with consistency and increased control over my investing success. In my 1st blog post, I describe some of the goals that I want to achieve and why I’ve decided to invest in dividends.

Aside from my #1 focus on dividends, I also follow stocks (both dividend and non-dividend). I eventually plan to grow my investment portfolio with dividend paying stocks as well. I will continue to purchase long-term expiry options on stocks which I believe have the potential to provide superior performance and hold the options for a period of months to a year or more depending on the investment thesis and actual performance.

I would be glad to have you follow my journey, and of course I wish you all the best on your financial journey as well!

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and learning from you along the way!


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