How Do Dividends Work?

If you’re asking yourself “how do dividends work?” then you’re in the right spot and you’re also on the right path! Maybe you just want a little more information or maybe you’re just starting to learn about dividend investing. What is a dividend? A dividend is a cash distribution by a company to its shareholders. … Read more

Feb 2015 – Portfolio Review (+ 10.25%)

Dividends earned in February 2015 = $244.80 (Total dividends YTD = $489.60) * A revision to Jan 2015 – Review… dividends earned were $244.80 as well ($240 regular distribution + $4.80 premium distribution). YTD Performance Dividend Project Investment Portfolio = + 10.25 % S&P 500 Index = + 2.21 % My portfolio returns at the end of … Read more

How to Manage Investment Risk

Within the financial universe, investment risk has been most commonly defined as “the probability of a permanent loss of capital.” Investment risk is also commonly referred to as volatility. Most investors probably want at least a consistent annual return. To keep everything relative, this means you do not want your annual returns to fluctuate much. … Read more