Sep 2015 – Portfolio Review (+ 16.15%)

Dividends earned in September 2015 = $260.10 * (Total dividends YTD = $2,728.84)

* Total dividends were a combination of:

  • Dividend Fund $255 regular distribution + $5.10 interest

YTD Performance

Dividend Project Investment Portfolio = + 16.15 %
S&P 500 Index = – 6.74 %

I use S&P 500’s closing values right from the source… Standard and Poor’s website.

My Thoughts on the Market

August and September were volatile periods in the market. High volatility can cause fear which can cause panic. I hate volatility. With how hard and fast the markets fell in August, I thought we were in a period where we had to be very cautious.

I decided to sell most of my investments outside of my dividend fund with the exception of my Disney call option. Sitting on so much cash is not a good feeling for me because the reality is the market will keep moving. Whether the market goes up, or down, I don’t know… but if you’re on the right side of the move, you make money. In order to make money, your money needs to be invested, and that’s why I don’t like when my money is not invested.

So… I’ll be keeping an eye out with earnings coming up to see if any good businesses get beat up so that I can buy at a discount 🙂

I hope your investment portfolio made it through August and September without taking too much of a beating!