Jul 2015 – Portfolio Review (+ 20.70%)

Dividends earned in July 2015 = $244.80 * (Total dividends YTD = $1,826.46) * Total dividends were a combination of a $240 regular distribution + $4.80 interest. YTD Performance Dividend Project Investment Portfolio = + 20.70 % S&P 500 Index = + 2.18 % I use S&P 500’s closing values right from the source… Standard and Poor’s website. … Read more

Time to Buy Disney?

It might be time to buy Disney. There are a few basic principles that I operate by when it comes to investing, and there’s actually nothing complicated about it. In fact, it’s all common sense. It’s just a matter of whether you (as an investor) are able to control your emotions, your greed and fear. Some … Read more