You vs. The Market

I can’t help but feel the urge to write after the recent drop in the markets. I will admit that I haven’t felt great about the recent drop at all, but I also haven’t had much stress about it which I think is the ultimate test of whether my investing strategy is working. My mind … Read more

Stock Options vs. Stocks (Options Investing: Part 2)

Part 1: How Options Work Part 2: Stock Options vs.Ā Stocks In Part 1 of the Options Investing series, I outlined some basic principles to help you understand how options investing works. In this post, I will help you understand just how much more profitable options trading can be than buying stocks. We’ll start with a … Read more

Starbucks Call Options Sold For 204% Profit

A personal milestone… 204% profit on SBUX call options Starbucks is a company I have always believed in, that I still believe in. TheĀ stock has performed exceptionally well since I purchased my call options. Starbucks seemsĀ unstoppable in achieving its strategic growth plan. There was a day when I struggled to make money investing. There was … Read more

Why I Bought Under Armour Call Options

May 8, 2015… Under Armour became part of my investment portfolio! I am constantly monitoringĀ a few stocks on my wish list for an entry point when the market presents an opportunity.Ā April and May saw a few companies on my wish list report financial results. I was debating buying before earnings (making a speculative play) butĀ instead … Read more

Starbucks Record Earnings – Q2 2015

Are you a Starbucks customer?Ā Do you love the taste of real coffee? I’m not talking coffee that tastes like candy… Have you ever tried their slow-roasted ham and swiss breakfast sandwich on a soft croissant bun that just falls apart once you bite into it? Make sure you read my post on why Starbucks stock … Read more

How Options Work (Options Investing: Part 1)

Part 1: How Options Work Part 2: Stock Options vs.Ā Stocks My goal is to give you a basic understanding of how options work so that you can start using them as part of your investment portfolio. Many investors (especially when starting to learn about investing) dismiss the idea of investing using options because they think … Read more