The Beginning

You may have asked yourself at some point how you could make some money by investing in the stock market. You took your hard earned cash, made some decisions, and watched the future unfold. Hopefully it turned out well at least more often than it did not.

That’s how the investing story is supposed to go, but there is always the reality of emotion, greed, fear, your ego, and numerous other factors that interfere with a successful investing outcome.

When I started to get involved in the stock market, I remember reading about leveraged funds, popular and high growth stocks (some of which don’t even trade any more), complex options strategies, investing with margin accounts, and soon came to realize “get rich quick” just does not happen.

Investing is not anything like the lottery… at least not for me. I made more wrong decisions than right decisions and began to realize I needed to do things different.

So now, I am sticking to a disciplined investing strategy which I believe will be my path towards investing success… dividend investing! Dividends are not my only investing focus but the vast majority of my portfolio will always be allocated to dividend paying investments.

Given that I have a full-time job, I need an investing strategy that is mostly passive and dividend investing gives me that benefit. I don’t worry about my portfolio intra-day, and can keep focused on the big picture and my financial goals.

I am not an investing professional or an advisor. I am an independent investor earning a salary from my full-time job, striving to build wealth and financial independence.

At the moment, I have set a goal of reaching $1,000 in dividend payments received per month, with a secondary shorter term milestone of $500 per month. As I approach a milestone I will think ahead towards new goals. Already, this journey will take me a good number of years to complete, but I am up for the challenge. I am tremendously optimistic that with time on my side, I will be able to withstand market corrections and grow my portfolio successfully.

Dividend Project will track the progress of my real-money investment portfolio along the way. I welcome you to follow along and share your knowledge and experience. I want to learn from your mistakes and successes as much as I want to help anyone trying to learn about investing. I will be sharing my investment moves from this day forward, so you will get to see my mistakes and successes in real-time.

Here we go!!